Our Aim is to naturally develop language use, increase confidence,  improve vocabulary, diction and understanding.

- 24-hour emergency telephone number

- 12 hours per day with native English- Everyday educational sessions in: Museums, Castles, Aquariums,     Zoo, 

- Use of English language, speaking and listening.

- Practicing English language skills in everyday situations and during visits to various locations. 

For native speakers, these tours will provide an insight into history, culture and the diversity of British life.

Why British Educational Tours are unique

Looking for a unique educational visit to Britain? 

Look no further than British Educational Tours!

We are the new standard when it comes to educational tours for children. We offer excursions everyday to historical and cultural sites. Most sites offer a guided tour and commentary. We also offer the opportunity to meet native children to exchange ideas and language. Our inclusive tours offer value for money, excitement and education. Now your child can experience Britain they have read about in books.