Day 1 – Arrive in UK.
Arrive at Gatwick. First day in   England. Everything is new and exciting. Driving towards Bristol. Noticing  the landscape and countryside, how different it is from Ukraine. Discuss the   week ahead while travelling.

  11:25             Arrival: Heatrow/Gatwick/Luton. Passage through customs control and baggage reclaim
  12:25              The transfer to Bristol
  13:30              Stop for lunch
  16:40              Arrive at the hotel
  17:00              Afternoon meal
  18:00              Visit Clifton Suspension Bridge and Downs
  21:00              Return to Hotel. Summarise the day, joint viewing of news with the BBC
  22.00               Bed time

Day 2 – Bristol.

Bristol is the European capital for urban art and recently had an exhibition in the city centre which was attended by thousands of people from all over Europe. Next, Blaise Hamlet designed by John  Nash (1811). The houses are still lived in and offer their unique  architecture of the time.

  07:30                      Wake  Up

  8:00 - 8:30              Breakfast

  9.00-12.00              Meeting to discuss the  tour. Team building games. Quiz and fun
  12.30 - 13.30          Lunch    
  14.00 – 16.00          Visit Blaise  Hamlet
  16.00 – 17.00          Excursion to city centre of Bristol to view Urban Art.
  17.30-18.30            Dinner
  19:00-19.30            Journey back to the hotel  
  20.00-22.00            Summarise the day, joint viewing  of news with the BBC               
  22:00                      Bed time

Day 3 – Stratford Upon Avon.

Stratford-Upon-Avon the birthplace of William Shakespeare. First his house and the chance to witness professional actors performing excerpts from his plays in the grounds outside. How his words and language still influence English language to this day. A visit to his marital home and sisters farm a few minutes away.

  7:30                Wake Up

  8.00                Breakfast
  9.00                The Trip to Stratford Upon Avon 
  11.00              Visiting Shakespeare's Birthplace.  Complete question and answer papers on   Shakespeare                              his literature and life. Demonstrate their knowledge of   Shakespearian language and modern                              language. Also analysis of how much of   present day language is attributed to Shakespeare                              and his writing.
  13.30              Lunch
  14.00              Tour around city centre
  16.00              Journey to York
  18:30              Arrive at the hotel
  19.00              Dinner in York     
  19.00              Summarise day, joint viewing and discussion of news BBC         
  21.00              Free time    
  22.00               Bed time

​ Day 4 –York Castle. Jorvik Viking Centre.

The city of York is a walled city and dates back over two thousand years. York Castle Museum where we will be transported back to Victorian times following the arrest of Joseph Beedham, witnessing the trial and Victorian crime and punishment. The Jorvik Viking Centre is a time capsule recreating the Vikings invasion and settlement of northern England.  

7:30                  Wake Up

8.00-8.45          Breakfast

09.30                Visit York Castle (guided tour) Including educational activities and workshop. Organised by

                         Castle onsite Educational Specialist 

13.30                Lunch  

14.00                Visit Jorvik Viking Centre. Discover how the Vikings lived by strolling through the meticulously

                         detailed Viking village as it would have looked 1,000 years ago. Explore the past and

                         experience for yourself archaeological excavations that first unearthed this Viking city. 

18.00                Journey to Newcastle upon Tyne

19:30                Arrive at the hotel

20.00                Dinner in Newcastle upon Tyne

20.00-21.00      Summarise the day, joint viewing and discussion of news with the BBC

21.00-22.00      Free time

22.00                 Bed time

Day 5 – Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh, the magnificent capital of Scotland. A visit to the castle the scene of many historical moments and battles.  Arriving at the beginning of the famous military tattoo festival and the coming together of all the nations in the Commonwealth.

6:30                  Wake Up 

7.00-7:30          Breakfast

08:00                Journey to Edinburgh

11.00                Excursion into the city. Visit Edinburgh’s magnificent Castle. Audio tour of this Scottish

                         treasure Pass through a gateway built almost 450 years ago following the devastation

                         wrought by the Lang Siege. Look up to see a spiked portcullis, raised today to let visitors

                         inside. The top floor was added in the 1880s. 

14.00                Lunch

15.00                Continuation of excursion. 

17.00                Walking tour around city.

18:30                Arrive at the hotel

19.00                Dinner in hotel.

19.30-20.30      Summarise the day, joint viewing and discussion of news with the BBC

20.30 -22.00     Free time

22.00                Bed time

​Day 6 –  Loch-Ness day tour.

The tour continues with a   trip around the Highlands of Scotland. The wild terrain and beautiful scenery   and a boat trip on the famous Loch Ness. Camera’s at the ready in case we see the elusive monster.

7:00                  Wake Up

7.15                  Breakfast

8.00                  Trip to Loch-Ness. From Edinburgh we go north west to Kilmahog from here to Rannoch

                         Moor and to Gelncoe, site of the massacre of the MacDonald clan in 1692. Travel onto Fort                                  William for lunch. After lunch we will pass Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain, The                                          Caledonian Canal, Fort  Augustus onto Loch Ness. A drive along the shoreline to Urquhart                                  Castle. The journey home through Inverness, over the Grampian Mountains, through                                            Perthshire and dinner at Pitlochry and finally Edinburgh.

 20:30               Arrive at the hotel

21.00                Summarise the day, joint viewing and discussion of news with the BBC

22.00                Bed time

Day 7 – Edinburgh. National Museum of Scotland.

Explore   the diversity of the natural world, world cultures, art and design, science   and technology and Scottish history, all under one roof at the National   Museum of Scotland.

8:30       Wake Up 9.00         Breakfast 10:00      Visit National Museum of Scotland. Discover about life at the time of Mary, Queen of Scots 
through living history demonstrations, performances and displays. 14.00      Lunch 15.00      Journey to Liverpool. Stops on Services for rest and dinner. 20.00      Arrive at the hotel 20.30      Summarise the day. 21.00      Free time 22.00      Bed time

Day 8 – Liverpool. Beatles tour.

​Liverpool the home of the most famous band the world has ever known. A visit to the Beatles museum is the pinnacle of  British  and world popular music. This is the city where a musical revolution was born and still influences the music of today. The award-winning Beatles Story is an unforgettable journey into the lives, times and music of the Beatles.

  08:00               Wake Up

  09:00               Breakfast
  10:00               Beatles Story Museum. Excursion including the Beatles Story exhibition, Discovery Zone and

                          Fabulous  4D experience.

  13.30               Lunch
  14.00               Excursion around Liverpool.
  16.00               Journey  to London. Stop for Dinner.
  20.00               Arrive  at the hotel
  20.30               Summarise the day.
  21.00               Free time
  22.00               Bed time

Day 9 –London. Natural History museum.

The Natural History Museum London. The museum on   the Cromwell Road offers another day of learning and adventure. The day will   be packed with activities and learning opportunities. See the launch pad   demonstrations, 3D Imax cinema etc.
  08:00               Wake Up

  09:00               Breakfast
  10:00               Excursion to the Natural History Museum.  Including  onsite educational activities, organised

                          and led by Museum Educational   Specialist .

   13.30              Lunch
  14.00               Continue excursion
  16.00               Walking  tour central London
  18.00               Dinner
 19.00                Return at the hotel
  20.30               Summarise the day.
  21.00               Free time
  22.00               Bed time

 Day 10 – London. Warner Brother Studio.

Warner Brothers Studio Watford. Imagine just a short journey north of London and you are transported to the world of film and of course the magical Harry Potter. Visit the studios where the blockbuster films were made and get a first hand glimpse of stardom.

  7:30                Wake up
  8.00                Breakfast
  09:00              Trip to Warner Bros. Studio 
  10:00              Arrive in Watford.
  11.00              Pottering in Harrys footsteps. Harry   Potter scenes were shot and enter the magical wizards                            world. From   breathtakingly detailed sets to stunning costumes, props and animatronics, 
                         Warner Bros. Studio Tour London provides a unique showcase of the extraordinary British                                artistry, technology and talent that went into making the most successful film series of all time.
  13.30              Lunch
  14.00              Continue excursion
  17.00              Return to London
  18.30              Dinner in London
  21.00              Return to hotel
  21.00              Summarise the day, joint viewing and discussion of news with the BBC
  22.00              Bed time

Day 11 – London. Flight home.

It’s been a fantastic 11 days and sadly this is the last day. First an open top tour of the Capital   and then a cruise up the river Thames and on to the London Eye. After another
fantastic day it’s off to the airport and home.
  08:30              Wake Up

  09:30              Breakfast
  10:00              Excursion into the city - London Eye & cruise along the Thames
  13.00              Open Bus Tour around London
  15.00              Lunch
  15.30              Walking Tour central London
  17.30              Departure to the airport
  19:30              Arrive at Heatrow/Luton/Gatwick/Bristol. Registration at the airport

Dates: June : 5-15; 21-31;​ July: 02-12; 17-27; August: 4-14; 18-28

London, Bristol, Stratford-Upon-Avon, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Loch-Ness, Liverpool



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 SUMMER TOURS 2018 Itinerary