Eden Project

It took three hours and they traveled through three counties. Cornwall is unique and very beautiful. There are many small fishing communities and long sandy beaches. One of the most famous spots in Cornwall is Land's End and is at the very end of England's coast.

Kids met their guide who gave them a brief overview of what they were about to see. They were given a task to complete and this helped them to understand how we use plants daily to survive. After this they went into the Rain Forest. The humidity was intense and increased as you went further in and higher up. There were so many plants and trees. The quest continued, they had to find plants used them in modern life. They soon discovered how important the Rain Forest is for our  existence. 

It was a truly memorable day. After some more exploring, they hit the gift shop. It was really good to see the children buying gifts for their siblings and parents.
The homeward journey was a buzz of excitement and wonder at what they had just witnessed. The whole day had been spent exploring. ​



A guided tour around Cambridge University including, Trinity College, Kings College and the laboratories where they first discovered DNA and the laboratory built for a Russian scientist called Pyotr Kapitsa, who studied at the Cavendish laboratory in Cambridge. He was a physicist who invented ultra strong electro-magnets. He also discovered the way to make high quantities of liquid helium and was eventually awarded the Nobel Prize for physics. His nickname was 'Crocodile', we don’t know why, but to this day on the entrance door to his laboratory, is a carving of a Crocodile.  

This was a fantastically educational day for children, who learned so much and saw one of the world’s first Universities.



Oxford is the centre of education in the UK. The university is recognised throughout the world and is a significant part of British educational history. The city was the stronghold of Charles 1 during the English civil war. Oxford is also where authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien and Lewis Carroll met and discussed their ideas and of course the Great Hall where Harry Potter's famous dining room scenes were filmed. The children had a guided tour which tested their listening skills. They asked many questions and gathered lots of information. We left the University and spent a few hours in the city This was another successful day for listening and understanding. 

Roman Bath 

The Roman Baths are in the centre of Bath. Bath is one of the most beautiful cities in England and its origins date back to the beginning of the first century. The children were given a guided tour and tutorial and discovered many facts about how the Romans lived in England. It was a test of their language skills because the tutorial was in English. The children understood and got to grips with all that was shown and told. Another fantastic day for learning and language skills, during an important era of Great Britain's history.


The journey to Stonehenge took us through some wonderful tree lined roads and rolling hills. We arrived and all the children were given handsets to listen to the commentary which paused after each stop. They were then given a question paper to gauge their understanding. It was really rewarding. The children learned so much about the historical site and by the end of the day they were able to recount many facts about this fascinating site.


The children had a fantastic time in Weston-Super-Mare. They visited the pier and viewed Wales from afar. They were also given a quiz with some straight forward questions and also some cryptic clues. They were supervised while asking local people questions to fill in their sheets. They spent three hours finding out all about the town and interviewing the residents. It was really good fun and above all really good practice communicating with native speakers. their language skills jumped a couple of levels by the end of the day.

First Day in UK!

We waited at the South Terminal Gatwick and suddenly they appeared. Twelve children and two adults. The leader Svitlana and Ira were both thrilled to finally be in the UK. It was a fantastic feeling to think the children were having their first ever visit to England. Everyone boarded the bus and the children immediately ate their lunch. On the way to Bristol all the children relaxed or slept, it had been quite a journey. 

Three hours later we reached Bristol. The bus was unloaded and the children went to their hotel rooms. We met up later and traveled to Bristol and caught the last of the balloon festival. We returned to the hotel and had supper. The children were tired so they went to their rooms to sleep. The was the end of day one and the beginning of a great week



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Tower of London

The children walked into the centre of London and on Westminster bridge the children took photographs using Big Ben as a backdrop. 

Next, they had a short cruise up the River Thames to the Tower of London. Once more the children were given questions and a task to complete. Inside the grounds of The Tower of London, they were surrounded by history. We saw the crown jewels and where three Queens of England had been beheaded. We visited the museum and saw many artifacts from history.

After lunch we headed for central London once more and arrived at Madame Tassuads around 5pm. Everyone had their pictures taken with the famous wax models. This was another really interesting day for the children. More shopping in Oxford Street. London is not that difficult to navigate when you have so many determined shopaholics in one party. A Pizza, by popular demand, juice and back to the hotel.