Edinburgh - Loch Ness

Distance - 168 miles

A tour of the Highlands was next. It took four hours to drive to Loch Ness. We had a boat trip and trained our cameras on the lake, trying to get that illusive picture of Nessy.

The guide gave us an interesting talk on the history of wars between Scotland and England. On The way home we had a fantastic meal of traditional fish and chips.

The Roman Baths are in the centre of Bath. Bath is one of the most beautiful cities in England and its origins date back to the beginning of the first century. The children were given a guided tour and tutorial and discovered many facts about how the Romans lived in England. It was a test of their language skills because the tutorial was in English. The children understood and got to grips with all that was shown and told. Another fantastic day for learning and language skills, during an important era of Great Britain's history.

Loch Ness