Bristol - Eden Project

Distance - 152 miles

It took three hours and they traveled through three counties. Cornwall is unique and very beautiful. There are many small fishing communities and long sandy beaches. One of the most famous spots in Cornwall is Land's End and is at the very end of England's coast.

Kids met their guide who gave them a brief overview of what they were about to see. They were given a task to complete and this helped them to understand how we use plants daily to survive. After this they went into the Rain Forest. The humidity was intense and increased as you went further in and higher up. There were so many plants and trees. The quest continued, they had to find plants used them in modern life. They soon discovered how important the Rain Forest is for our  existence. 

It was a truly memorable day. After some more exploring, they hit the gift shop. It was really good to see the children buying gifts for their siblings and parents.
The homeward journey was a buzz of excitement and wonder at what they had just witnessed. The whole day had been spent exploring. ​

Eden Project